Tools For Calm

I offer a range of packages which I feel work well to bring the elements of balance and calm – from my personal experience and those of my customers. You need commitment to carry out the work and use the tools, this is not a solution that happens to you, but you are the solution. You do have to do the work though, or there will be no changes. If you miss out several evening of SleepTalk or don’t take the flower essences or use your balance card (whichever tool you have chosen), then this will delay results.

You have a choice to be the change of calm and balance or not.

All tools and therapies are available through Skype, downloadable videos & documents or face-to-face and prices vary accordingly.


The complementary therapies and services I offer help bring you the parent back into balance, giving you space for calm. I also have a range of support services for children to help and support their own development and behaviour and habits. This is like a win-win situation for everyone, the parents are calmer and the children are calmer so “spirals” don’t occur to the same level and everything becomes much more manageable AND Enjoyable.

For more information on some of the techniques check out more information links below:


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Flower Essences

Baby Massage

Story Massage