Its always good to know that others have used a technique, tool or person before and had success with their situation.

So here are a few of my happy parents (& happier children!)

Customer S –

“It’s amazing what a difference has been made over the last 3 months or so, without us really realising!

We were struggling to deal with our son’s frustrations and anger, which were causing him and the whole family a huge amount of distress. I met Rom and heard about the Sleeptalk idea. It sounded like it might help so we decided to give it a go to help address the problem behaviour. Rom talked us through the concept, was very knowledgeable, and talked with understanding from a position of ‘having been there’. She explained the process really clearly, and checked in to see how we were getting on throughout the first week. This gave us confidence to keep going. We have just had our first review, and have been amazed at the improvements which we have achieved, without us even really noticing! Over the past 3 months or so, we have gone from a situation where this anger and frustration was having a hugely detrimental impact on all of us as a family, to one where things aren’t actually as bad as they were. In fact, in a number of areas, there has been a significant improvement, particularly in terms of him gaining in confidence and being able to communicate his needs with speech, rather than resorting to physical means. We are certainly not there yet, but we are continuing with the program and look forward to more improvements as we go on. Thanks Rom. x”  02/02/16

Customer N

“When my daughter was stressed at school, she started pulling her eyelashes out. Romella took me through the sleep talk procedure to try and help with the anxiety. After only a week of reading the statement,she was much happier and a lot more confident.With a few follow up sessions Romella made us feel important and we received lots of other advice too. So thank you, sleep talk really helped us out.” Sept 2015

Customer F

GP and mum to 2 boys was worn out with the issues around 4yo son his anger and responses, issues at nursery etc. SleepTalk™ turned their family life around and made a very anxious, frustrated & angry little boy into a boy able to cope with life and school, concentrate, make new friends and be happy.

Key comments are son is “staying calmer”, “understands consequences”, “Listens       nicely at school”, “not had a night terror for couple of months”, “loves to help”.      Gives a hug, says sorry or I love you “all the time now. It’s great!”

Customer J

After the six week review mum said “things have been improving slowly. “x” has stayed in his bed all night for three nights now. He is learning to control his anger. His confidence seems to be growing too.”. They have noticed that “X” has good control over anger, remaining calm for longer and outburst are over much quicker than before.  He is also happy for the first time in a long time “He is happier in himself and shows more confident side of self. He manages to be happy, despite issues”

BizMums Award Judge Comments

The winner’s business exemplifies the characteristics of this category. She is qualified in a number of therapy disciplines giving her the flexibility to treat her clients appropriately. One element that stood out is this finalist actively treats adults and children and many of her therapies have a proven positive effect on the whole family. Her complementary therapies are all about supporting and improving the lives of parents and children.
The Winner of the Health & Beauty Mum of the Year Award is Romella Jones of Cariad Therapies. October 2015


Other Testimonials compiled by Joane Goulding:

What the professionals say

Dr. Eileen Feeney.  Registered MD. & Psychiatrist

“I am a qualified medical practitioner and psychiatrist.  I have used the techniques of the Goulding process over the past 24 years. It is a safe effective and a very valuable process. It has many applications including enhancing the self-esteem of the child, building confidence to go swimming or reading aloud in class, bedwetting etc.

I have no hesitation in endorsing the credibility of this therapy. I have taught this technique to other medical colleagues, and I have presented at academic meetings case studies of patents who were treated successfully. This is a very useful process. It will be a major step forward to have further information about it published and I recommend it highly.”

Cherie de Hass.  Fellow: ANTA 

Former Presenter: “Healthy Wealthy and Wise” Naturopath, Author & Media Writer.

Cherie lectures both here in Australia, Asia and Europe and contributes too many magazines, articles on herbs and well-being, has a busy practice in Melbourne and is now treating the fourth generation of many of her patients.

She states: “I have used the Goulding process for over thirty five years. This is not a therapy and does not involve taking medications – just a commonsense approach to parenting. My daughter Monique, whose formative years, benefited greatly with ‘Sleep Talk’, giving her self-confidence, security and love. Monique now uses this incredible therapy on her own children with wonderful results.  One day when discussing her childhood and SleepTalk™, she told me when she was a little girl, she would sometimes hear me come into her room and would pretend to be asleep, because she loved hearing me tell her all those positive things that made her feel, peaceful, happy, loved and very safe!

Now three generations, and thirty five years later, I know my grandchildren will continue using this miraculous process to help them achieve their goals and aspirations, to teach others how a happy and healthy mind can help overcome many of life’s obstacles that maybe thrown our way.

SleepTalk™ is one of the most valuable and credible processes that I have encountered in over thirty five years, and is suitable for children of all ages and stages of development.”

Dr. Janet Hall – Psychologist.

“SleepTalk™ is an invaluable aid for families and therapists in improving family attitudes and intimacy, the program is easily and unobtrusively implemented and can be readily adapted to suit all children and family contexts.”

Professor Ian E. Brighthope – Fellow Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

“The Goulding process is a sensible practical and easy-to-follow method of communicating important messages to the subconscious mind. This process should be used by all parents, educators and health professionals and the practice adopted in the management of all disorders in which the mind plays a significant role.”


Jeff Berger – Consulting Psychologist

“Having used the principals of the Goulding SleepTalk™ process in my practice as a psychologist and having trained others to do so as well, I have no doubt that it is a valuable tool in working with children on a number of levels with the challenges of life they may experience from time to time.”

Gary Johnston. Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Specialist in Trauma and PTSD

“Children deal with trauma in a different way to adults, often not able to express what they are feeling as a result of any trauma. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one of the most debilitating anxiety disorders, creating a number of behavioural and emotional changes in children that, if not treated properly, stay with the child for the rest of his or her life. PTSD is formed when the unconscious mind is involved in death, disaster, rape or early physical danger. SleepTalk™ has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of treating such traumas in children, bypassing the normal communication methods and allowing the unconscious to let go of the intrusive thoughts, flashbacks and anger associated with such memories.

Using strategies that the unconscious understands, SleepTalk™ forms a direct path to the parts of the memory holding high levels of anxiety and distress, encouraging the mind to reframe the original event and strengthening the self-image and an awareness of safety.  With the parents involved in the process that awareness of safety is enhanced.  I highly recommend SleepTalk™ for all anxiety disorders in children

What Parents Say

“My children have become calm again and the household is happier, thank you for giving me back my child.”

“I have been presenting the SleepTalk™ with my son who is 9 yrs of age for 6 months and I have a new boy! He’s back to being my loving, caring and helpful son who has found his self-esteem and self-worth again.  I am so proud of him and a huge believer in the SleepTalk™ miracle.  It is amasing. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!!”

“Initially I didn’t think SleepTalk™ would have the potential to work on my 3 year old daughter; however after trying the technique I found my 3 year old to be calmer and more settled with her bedtime routine.  The SleepTalk™ process was very easy to follow and manage.  It has been a worthwhile contribution to my daughter’s very healthy sleeping routine.”


“Since starting the SleepTalk™ process, the whole family has noticed an improvement in my son’s behaviour.  It is hard to believe that with so little time and effort our daily lives have improved so much. My son is a much calmer boy now and has less tantrums, in fact it is now a rare occurrence that we have to send him to his room for time out (it used to be a couple of times a day at weekends).  It is also a lovely time for me to go into his room at night and whisper to him which is a nice end to the day regardless of it being a good day or not.  He is definitely waking up ‘bright and happy’ these days – we love it!”

“We have been continuing doing our SleepTalk™ and have observed some pretty great developments with ‘N’ which are more obvious since his return to school.  He seems to have acquired a whole new work ethic and is participating in school work activities and seems to be generalizing this knowledge outside of his school environment and is even doing some academic work ‘just for fun’! Oh My Goodness, I am so very thrilled about this!!”