04 Apr

What’s lurking under your sofa!

It’s a job I hate, but you can guarantee you’ll find some gems under the sofa! Guess what I found and win a small prize!

How often do you move your sofa and clean under it? I do mine every 3-6 months, when I remember or shamed into it!

Last night my son split a large drink whilst sat of the sofa, so we mopped it up and I said I’d clean under it on Tuesday. So that’s been my task for the best part of the morning! I’m now sneezing away and have dry hands due to the mound of wetwipes I’ve used!

Treasures found on previous expeditions under the sofa include a silver watch which I’d lost a year before, dinosaurs (of course!), pens, lego (inevitable!), pens and breakfast cereal (!).

Today I found 2 child-friendly sewing needles which was a bonus, a bracelet, dinosaurs and pens and 2 foreign coins (pesetas so completely unusable!)!

So I thought I’d run a little competition can you guess how many lego bricks and nerf bullets I found?

The person who guesses closest will get a small sample trio pack of essential oils (tea tree, lavender, peppermint) sent in the post!

Also bonus prize to the person who has found the best item under their sofa!
Competition runs until Monday 10th 2017 & me and my kidlets will choose a winner!

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