I run a wide selection of courses and workshops, all focused on bringing balance and calm into your home.

Some are run at a venue in Shropshire and others can be taken online:


Story Massage

Learn how to create your own Story massage for your child – support their needs and development – create a bedtime story just for them:

Baby Massage

This is a fabulous technique for bonding – supporting baby’s digestive system – calming – bedtime routine – teething and more. Babies and Mum love it! Plus there’e a version for Dads too (usually a Sunday AM so Mums get a lie-in!)

For Mums/ Carers –

For Dads –

Positive Parenting Program

Run jointly with Di Smart, looking at ways to communicate as a family – to improve confidence, self-esteem, goals and aspirations. Plus a library of tools for creating calm and balance in the family. Including meditation, mindfulness, massage and affirmations. All practical applications

The workshop is £75 (£60 early bird) 10-3pm Saturday July 15th 2017




This is an 8 week program to create family calm. Its for you if you want:

  • Bring an end to chaotic bedtimes?
  • Create a calm, supportive, nurturing space for your family to thrive?
  • Is your family affected by anger outbursts, tantrums, food/toilet/bed issues, anxiety issues or emotional upset?
  • Want to support your children through their childhood issues?
  • Looking for a holistic natural way to bring balance and calm into your family?
  • Be the calm, supportive parent you planned to be
  • Be a positive, calm parent to happy, calm children
  • All for just £24.99 a month (early bird rate) – for 10 months (£249) or £299 after early Bird (or £29.99 a month x 10 months)

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