Book – A Series of Books to Bring Balance and Calm to you and your Family

Are you a Busy, Frazzled Mum in Need of Some Calm?

Having a Grrrr moment? In need of a quick tool to calm yourself? Got a minute or less?

As a busy, frazzled Mum myself, to a 6 & 8 year old, I recognise that I need quick tools and techniques to use to calm and balance me, which is why I wrote this book for myself and all other busy Mums. As a holistic therapist I’ve brought all my knowledge together into tip format, so it’s practical, easy and doable in the short moments of “free” time we have!

“The reality of looking after small children is that you don’t get much time for yourself and your own emotional and mental wellbeing or physical body. So I wrote this book to provide simple holistic tools for a Mum that would slide effortlessly into their average day. Providing spots of calm which would result in feeling balanced and calm as a parent”, says “Create Family Calm” creator and Mum, Romella Jones.

The book contains 160 tools, techniques and tips from a holistic background to help bring balance and calm to the lives of busy mums. From breathing exercise, meditation, mindfulness, affirmations, flower essences & essential oils to self-massage, all that will take less than an episode of Peppa Pig!

If you use one tip a day you have over 5 months worth of tips. Keep it in your handbag or in the kitchen or by the TV so you can grab as and when needed to. The tips mostly take minutes and no one missed Mum when Peppa Pig is on!

“I’m now writing another book for Families, and will also do one for Dads and one for employees as well”, explains Romella. “As Mums it’s important we take care of our wellbeing as well as our children, but sometimes we forget. This book gives the average mum tools to use to calm and create inner-peace, before scraping moulding clay out of the carpet!”

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