23 Apr

Mindful Easter Egg Meditation

Well Easter has passed and I know my kids and hubby munched through their eggs within days! I’ve still got one whole one – its not that I haven’t eaten chocolate but more that I want to savour the experience.

As much as I love to eat chocolate  – a lot – I also want to try and be mindful with the experience – savour the texture, melting sensation and taste.

So I’ve recorded this mindful chocolate egg experience so I can enjoy the experience once the eggs have all gone!


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20 Jun

Top 10 Tips to Create Family Calm

create family calm

This is my personal top 10 tips to creating family calm and balance. Many tools are simple are free to access, some do require investment of both time and money, but in my opinion and those of my happy clients are well worth the investment of both. In no particular order here are my favourite ways to bring balance and calm into my family life.

This is Part one (1-5) and 6-10 will follow next week so please follow my facebook page or sign up for my newsletter

Five of my top 10 tools to create family calm

1- Presence not presents

Children need their parents or carers to be there for them – really there for them in body, mind & spirit. To engage with them and listen and share ideas. Being on facebook or other social media or gaming whilst sitting with your children is not being present. Although your physical body may be in their proximity, you are not engaging in them or their lives, their stories or making memories with them. It’s also then difficult to deny them electronic games when you spend time with your head buried in your phone ;-).

We sometimes make up for this lack of presence by buying presents – who doesn’t live in a sea of plastic toys or craft materials?! I know I over indulge my children and their desires. Presence – fully engaged presence – is key to creating positive relations and family calm. More ideas on how to engage and be present to come

2 – Energy Healing

Energy healing whether it is from a Reiki practitioner or other energy modality is truly a fabulous way to release pent up stuff that you are ready to release and clear the energy of yourself, your house and family too. There are so many types of energy work out there from EFT to reiki to crystals to Labrys, so have a search through a holistic therapy website and see if there’s anything specific to your needs or that calls to you. Energy work is so powerful at releasing the old and blocks to your calmness as a parent but also for your children. Many energy therapies can actually be done remotely so it can be sent to your child without them having to visit the therapist, Reiki and Labrys are fabulous for this.

Energy healing is worth looking at as a parent if you get stressed, angry or lose your calm; it releases you from blocks to your own calm (often can be passed down through the generations). It can get you into a space where you can be and stay calm and balanced for longer. You can also use energy techniques to cleanse your house of old negative energies (from arguments, to previous tenants) – more information on this coming in a separate blog

3 – Crystal Therapy

Crystals have been around for centuries and many of our children are very in tune to their energies. Many children will instinctively pick crystals that they are naturally attracted to and when you look up their meaning in a crystal book you find they are exactly perfect for their needs. I’ve often been surprised by my children’s choices and then when looked them up found they were good for insomnia or emotional support (whatever my child needed at that moment).

A simple trip to a crystals shop and allowing them to choose a cheap tumblestone can be an enlightening experience as a parent, as they instinctively know what they need even if they can’t express the issue or emotion they are feeling. Crystals can also work well in the home as crystal grids in the home or room itself or outside the building. Placing crystals on or around the body of yourself or a child can be a fun experience and bring crystal healing to all concerned. Allowing your child to choose and place crystals on your body can also be an interesting experience – trust and allow them! Another blog will cover this amazing topic of crystals in more detail and will be coming soon.

4 – Bach Flower Essence Remedies

I must admit I love Bach flower essences and his research. Dr Bach discovered through research 38 flower essences which match an array of negative emotions that can affect our health and wellbeing. The most famous is undoubtedy the “Rescue Remedy” – a blend of 4 flower essences to calm after shock and bring a sense of nurture and a virtual hug to the user.

Flower essences are useable by everyone, although there is a small amount of alcohol they are generally safe for children and adults to take. A consultation with a flower essence consultant (such as myself) can highlight which single or blend of flower essences is correct for a client’s current overwhelming emotional state. The essences are simply blended and added as drops to water and sipped throughout the day. In my experience they create a gentle shift in the person’s emotional state, perhaps reducing overwhelm or impatience (which I use!) or controlling behaviour – just a gentle space for calm is created. I also use flower essences in my children’s water bottles for school, using whatever is on their mind at the moment that can be supported by the flower essences. Often it is the rescue remedy. More information on flower essences will be shared shortly

5 – Goulding SleepTalk Process

A self-esteem program for children – SleepTalk is a two minute tool that you use as your child sleeps to bring calm and positive mindset to your child. Resolving all those childhood emotional, behavioural aspects that get in the way of happiness and calm. Bedwetting, tantrums, anger issues, emotional issues, separation anxiety, food or toilet issues, school or nursery behaviour/anxiety, autism, mutism, nightmares and so much more!

Simply by following the script as your child sleeps at night can support their creation of a positive mindset and one of unconditional love and may resolve all these issues. The benefits to your family and child themselves are huge, as one negative issue is calmed or resolved, the whole family no longer runs on “high alert” allowing you all to maintain calm and create those happy positive childhood memories. For more information click to this blog – http://createfamilycalm.co.uk/2016/06/19/need-to-resolve-childrens-anxiety-anger-or-behavioural-issues/


I hope you find these tools useful – There will be more information in the form of weekly blogs, so please sign up to my email listing and follow me on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/createfamilycalm/

Here’s the link to PART 2 – http://createfamilycalm.co.uk/2016/06/29/top-10-tips-create-family-calm-part-2/

If you have any specific questions or issues then please do contact me directly.

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