24 Nov

Need to Organise Some Christmas Calm

Is December approaching too quickly?

Kids counting down to the advent calendar?

The “should’s” building up and mild panic coming in?

Wondering what you’ll do to keep the kids amused or CALM through December

I have a little something for you – The Balance and Calm Toolkit for Christmas Calm Action Pack Read More

26 Jun

School Sports Day – Loved or Dreaded?

Do you love school sports day or loathe them?

Remember running with all your effort and coming close to last?

Or running the race and winning them all?

Ever do the parents race?


I can’t decide about them. Yes they are all inclusive and doing it in teams means they are involved in something bigger than just themselves. Yet some one will always come last, 2nd from last. Others will fall over or forget what they’re doing. Some are happy to run the three-legged race and giggle all the way and come last. Others don’t cope emotionally.


My son is one who find competition really hard. Last year he did a complicated “potato race” which involved running & collecting a ball running  back to the start and then running getting the next one & then finally running to the finish line. He was doing really well with the collecting (heading for a 1st place) but didn’t know or forgot to run to the finish line and so came last. He was upset, devastated in fact. He refused to go and sit back with his friends and stayed on my knee until the sports day was over. Even the cheering of the other parents just for him didn’t cheer him up. Losing is hard, especially with so many people watching you.

This year, I was thankful there was no running. Javelin (foam don’t panic!) and bean bag throwing. He was good at both but had a particularly good bean bag throw, he thought he was in with a chance. He came 5th out of 20 kids (did really well). He’d “held it together” for the whole event, behaved well and taken part in a positive way.

However, as he came out of school he burst into tears as he ran to me, as he’d only got 5th place and he’d really wanted to go on the podium. No matter how I said it was an excellent result and in the top 20% of throws, he wouldn’t have it.

Some children can enjoy the fun of the day, others you can see the strain of “keeping going” taking a toll on their emotions.

Bless him he held it together for so long, and as so often happens when they are in their safe place they relax and share their real emotions.

I can’t decide whether I like school sports day or swimming galas. We don’t put pressure on him, but emotionally he can really struggle.

Sports Day – Team Building – Competition? Good or Bad?

The jury’s out here – its all down to the child



30 Jan

Create Family Calm Program – 8 week Program

Is this you? Do you want to…

  • Bring an end to chaotic bedtimes?
  • Create a calm, supportive, nurturing space for your family to thrive?
  • Is your family affected by anger outbursts, tantrums, food/toilet/bed issues, anxiety issues or emotional upset?
  • Want to support your children through their childhood issues?
  • Looking for a holistic natural way to bring balance and calm into your family?
  • Be the calm, supportive parent you planned to be
  • Be a positive, calm parent to happy, calm children
  • All for just £24.99 a month (early bird rate)

This eight week program has been designed by a frazzled Mum, author & award winning holistic therapist, Romella Jones. Bringing the best holistic tools to you and your family.

Price is Early Bird until 23.59pm Thursday 2nd February of £249 (£24.99 x 10 months) and then rises to £299 (or £29.99 a month x 10 months). Program will close Sunday Midnight and start officially on 6th February.

Want to find out how to book: https://romella.simplero.com/page/70512-want-to-create-family-calm-in-your-family

What will you gain from this program?

  • Tools to support your bedtime routine – get the children to bed without stress, tantrums and tears
  • Support your stressed out – anxious – angry child to build their confidence, happiness and self-esteem
  • Simple mindfulness and meditation exercises to get you going on your journey to calm
  • Fun things to do as a family that will help calm and nurture each member, child and adult alike
  • Understand how you create your reality and how you can positively use this in your life
  • Time for you – even if its minutes a day, they all add up and create your space for calm
  • Each week you’ll access a new module of information – from essential oils to meditation to visualisation to The Balance Procedure and more. I’ve also included space in the schedule to implement or recap on the topics and information (there’s no such thing as being behind, it will all happen at the right time for you)
  • Feel more like that parent you wanted to be from the start


Tools you’ll receive to use:

  • SleepTalk (worth £299 as a one-2-one)
  • Online group and support (worth £45 a week)
  • Essential oils (bottle of DoTERRA Balance and Wild Orange – worth over £29)
  • TBP book & cards (set of cards and book plus training worth £55)
  • Printed copy of  “Balance and Calm Toolkit for the Frazzled Mum” worth £8.00
  • Access to an 8 week online program of modules and information PLUS a secret facebook group for support and contact from me personally


Why have I created this program for you?

  • As an Award-winning therapist, author and mother to two children – I’ve been using these tools – they work! I’ve researched, studied and qualified in therapiesthat support the creation of family calm. Plus I have guinea pigs (me & my family!)
  • It brings together a comprehensive wholistic package of tools that will support you and your family to create that family calm
  • Supporting you as a parent, to create your balance and calm, that can ripple effect into your family
  • Fun and practical tools for you and your family to use
  • A supportive secret facebook group, with weekly facebook lives, plus support from me. You are able to ask questions in the forum or by private message
  • Because a one-off solution doesn’t always work – other factors affect family calm. Having other tools in place will support you and your family
28 Nov

Positive Parenting Program – Jan 2017

Would like some new tools to improve communication with your children?

New Tools to cope with change and build confidence?

Plus learn some tools to create family calm.

Then this workshop is for you! Di Smart Life Coach and Create Family Calm are running a communication tools workshop on Saturday 21st January 2017 Read More

29 Jun

Top 10 Tips to Create Family Calm Part 2

Mum and son having fun

Welcome to my second part of the top 10 tips to create family calm. If you missed the first five then please check it out here 

This is my personal top 10 tips to creating family calm and balance. Many tools are simple are free to access, some do require investment of both time and money, but in my opinion and those of my happy clients are well worth the investment of both. In no particular order here are my favourite ways to bring balance and calm into my family life.

Here’s my 6-10


  1. Presence not presents
  2. Energy healing
  3. Crystal therapy
  4. Bach Flower Essence Remedies
  5. Goulding SleepTalk Process
  6. Affirmations – Louise Hay has written and shared extensively about the benefits of affirmations on a person’s mindset – changing negative thoughts and beliefs into positive mindset and belief systems. This is great for children and adults alike and can easily be used at the start of the day and throughout the day to support a child. For example “I am calm and relaxed”, “I am awesome”, “I am a winner”, “everything I do is good” to “Today I will remember my lessons like and elephant”, “Today I am calm like a flower” to a simple statement like “Today is a happy day”. Affirmations are so powerful for creating a positive state – starting from something like “I am OK” to “I am happy” to “I am awesome”, they can build up to form a more positive mindset over time. I have more information to share on the benefits of affirmations and how they work coming soon
  7. Visualisation and meditation tools for the whole family – Scientific studies show that meditation and visualisation reduce the stress response (cortisol release) and increase the relaxation response in the body as well as helping children to manage their own emotions and relaxing their physical bodies and minds. A visualisation is simply a story told in a relaxed state (lying down flat with a comfy blanket), where the child uses their mind to visualise the story and details being told to them, so they develop the creative world in their minds and relax their body and mind at the same time. One of my favourite relaxation tools is to lie on the bed and visualise being butter melting into hot toast, relaxing the whole body – kids love it! For an example of a visualisation check back here for a recorded MP3
  8. Essential Oils – Nature has been very kind to mankind and created many natural tools for us to use to heal, calm and re-energise. Essential oils such as lavender or tea tree are found in many bath and hair products and are well known from their relaxing and in the case of teatree cleansing properties (even keep nits away!). The use of good quality essential oils is key when using them with the family and I use certified pure therapeutic grade Doterra oils (CPTG). They are all produced following strict protocol and their purity is beyond any I’ve come across before. Oils I use are lavender (also comes in a rollerball for carrying around!), a blend called “In-tune” which I use on my son before school for focus and concentration. I also love the women’s blend (great for balancing during PMT and during female cycle, I use it in a pendant) plus the serenity blend and wild orange which I diffuse at bedtime upstairs to help calm the children (and me) during bedtime. I’ll share more essential oil tips in a later blog
  9. Massage – self massage & story massage – Massage is such a positive form of touch for adults and children alike. For adults we associate with relaxation, release of tension and relief from painful muscle tension. It releases the hormone oxytocin which is the feel good or love hormone and increases the delta waves felt in deep sleep. For children it can be great fun when combined with a story or nursery rhyme. Why not create a massage story for your child as they get ready for bed – I’ll share a story massage with you in a later blog – check back here
  10. The Balance Procedure – This is a brilliant tool for bringing you as a parent into calm and balance and also by using it you impact those around you. It’s a set of 9 cards which have been created to link many different holistic elements (affirmations, crystals, physical body, astrology, colours, numerology and more).They work energetically with your body to bring you into balance with what you want in life – for example “I am creative”, “I am a positive communicator”, “Today I will express myself calmly and clearly” their ability is endless – my kids even use them to find lost toys – they always find them within a minute of balancing with the cards J. The cards are used as a daily tool to balance you body and mind and align you to the affirmation you want for the day or moment. It takes just 30 minute for a consultation and then you are able to use them by yourself with no further “therapy visits” and hourly rates. It is a simple but very effective tool, one I use at least once a day. For more details check this out


I hope you find these tools useful – There will be more information in the form of weekly blogs, so please sign up to my email listing and follow me on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/createfamilycalm/


If you have any specific questions or issues then please do contact me directly



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