16 Feb

School Holidays – Joy or Pain

create family calm Sleeptalk program for £99

As of 3.30pm the children will be on half term holiday. I don’t know about you but it really doesn’t seem that long since they went back after Christmas! Then Easter is only a few weeks away!

What have you got planned for the holidays? Do you love or stress over the holidays – having to endlessly feed and entertain the kidlets?!

Me? I’m lucky that Daddy is off for a most of the holiday, so we can hopefully go out and have create memories, and take turns in refereeing – as this always exhausts me in the holidays!

I wanted to touch share some free tools with you so over the last week I’ve been sharing some visualisation tools in my facebook group. Some ideas on how you can do some visualisation tools with your kidlets to create some moments of calm in the day or at bedtime. I shall be sharing more each day next week too! So pop along there – http://www.facebook.com/createfamilycalm

I also have a few other tools that might help you

If you are looking for things to do on a wet day or on a day out (that don’t involve play barns or theme parks) then my book “Balance and Calm Toolkit to Create Family Calm”  has hundreds of ideas in it. Plus you also get a heap of tools for calm too – from mindfulness exercises, guided visualisations, telling stories with a back massage, essential oils and more! Over 140 pages of ideas to fill a half-term or even a summer holiday! For just £8.99 and it’s available on Amazon Prime too!

You can sign up for my FREE 21 day to Create Family Calm Program – delivered to your email inbox each day for 21 days you will receive a video clip with a tool or tip to use that day – you can find out more information here before you sign up – Click HERE

Want to take action? Alternatively if you have children that need tools to stop sibling rivalry, tantrums, separation anxiety, sleep issues anger issues, food or toilet issues and so much more then I have a February special for you – for just £99 you can access the SleepTalk(R) Program.

This is not a program to get your child to sleep – but it may have this effect! It is a script that you read to your child every night as they sleep and sends key phrases into their subconscious to create a positive mindset.

For the £99 you will get access to a comprehensive library of videos around what SleepTalk is and how it works, FAQ, a printable workbook so you can record your changes. Plus you gt access to me in the secret Facebook group. I usually market the SleepTalk at over £300 to individuals. However, I want more people to have this tool available to them as it is life changing! When things start to change for the child the whole family experiences positive ripple effects. Everyone is calmer, more positive and you will create your own family calm and happiness.

Want to know more check out the video and link here https://romella.simplero.com/products/70683-The-SleepTalk-R-Program


I hope you all have a wonderful relaxing week off – as a family – with the addition of DanTDM, CookieSwirl C or whichever youtuber your child adores!&nbsp;</p>


If you have any questions about any of the tools above or the SleepTalk £99 offer then please just email me.

PS I’d love to hear from you and what challenges are affecting you and your family and maybe I can create something bespoke for you and the thousands of other parents who will have the same issues 🙂

create family calm Sleeptalk program for £99



30 Jan

The Full Moon and Children

Do you find your children go a bit emotional, loony or sensitive around the time of the full moon?

It’s not unusual. A few days before and for a couple of days after it can affect their emotions, behaviour and sleep patterns

In this video I share information around this subject and how you can support your children.

In the UK we have a full moon on 31st Jan, which is also a blood moon and a super moon and a blue moon! Plus an eclipse so the energy is beginning to affect us all already!

If the moon can effect the tides, the largest bodies of water, then why wouldn’t it affect us as humans, mainly made up of water.

08 Jan

A Different Way Forward for Family Calm for February

create family calm Sleeptalk program for £99


Are you looking for a different way forward for family calm? To do things differently? Keeping it simple?

After a holiday there are always two issues – one is the thought of how to do things different or calmer in the next school holiday and the second is how to improve daily life to make it more balanced, calm and flow with positive ease.

Holidays are stressful, the Christmas one in particular – stress over what gifts, expectations, money, food, relatives, finance, how to fill the holidays and entertain the little ones. It’s almost a game of survival rather than  enjoyment sometimes.

What if you could do things differently – add one additional aspect to your family’s routine. In fact do one thing as your child sleeps to support their mindset and help resolve “issues” which affect them and the whole family. Read More

21 Dec

Top Things to do for Calm on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve must be the hardest night for kids to go to sleep. So excited about the prospect of presents balanced with worried about what they will get or not get….

We have two extremes one child who loves all things exciting about Christmas – Elves, cards, crafts, stories, singing carols, school performances and the excitement of Christmas Eve.

We also have a child who finds it overwhelming, where the prospect of waiting is too much and wants to go to sleep for a week and wake up on Christmas morning, who made us send a playful elf back to Santa, who doesn’t like Santa in the house (and stocking has to be left outside his door).

Two extremes  – and balancing these very different needs takes a careful balancing act and compromises.

So I thought I’d share the Christmas Eve Tools from my book “Christmas Calm”: Read More

04 Dec

Day 4 of Advent – 4th December

Today is the 4th day of December. Is your tree up? Decorations? Have you got a tin of  chocolates and are they open yet! We’ve got through so many chocolate oranges so far – it’s the one chocolate that the whole family loves (unfortunately).

Remember its not too late to order a book from Amazon – if you do then please message me and I’ll share a few extra days with you to tide you over until you get your delivery! Read More

02 Dec

Day 2 of Advent – December 2nd

Here we are on day two – here is the daily information on

Advent Countdown


Indoor Activity – Letter Santa

  • Letters have to be with Santa by the 8th Of December in order to get a free reply
  • Make sure your address and child’s name is clearly written.
  • Ensure address is clear on envelope and stamped
  • Remember to post the letter so it arrives before the 8th December
  • You will receive a free reply from the man himself

Read More