24 Nov

Need to Organise Some Christmas Calm

Is December approaching too quickly?

Kids counting down to the advent calendar?

The “should’s” building up and mild panic coming in?

Wondering what you’ll do to keep the kids amused or CALM through December

I have a little something for you – The Balance and Calm Toolkit for Christmas Calm Action Pack Read More

10 Nov

Join the Create Family Calm before Christmas to Make a Calmer Christmas

Are you ready to make positive changes in your family to bring more balance, calm and happiness?

Want to learn some quick simple daily tools to make a positive difference?

Did you know SleepTalk(TM) can often have positive behavioural changes in 6-8 weeks?

There’s time to make a difference in 2017 still! So you can start 2018 on a positive family space, even with Christmas and school holidays!

How? Join the Create Family Calm Program! Read More

30 Jan

Create Family Calm Program – 8 week Program

Is this you? Do you want to…

  • Bring an end to chaotic bedtimes?
  • Create a calm, supportive, nurturing space for your family to thrive?
  • Is your family affected by anger outbursts, tantrums, food/toilet/bed issues, anxiety issues or emotional upset?
  • Want to support your children through their childhood issues?
  • Looking for a holistic natural way to bring balance and calm into your family?
  • Be the calm, supportive parent you planned to be
  • Be a positive, calm parent to happy, calm children
  • All for just £24.99 a month (early bird rate)

This eight week program has been designed by a frazzled Mum, author & award winning holistic therapist, Romella Jones. Bringing the best holistic tools to you and your family.

Price is Early Bird until 23.59pm Thursday 2nd February of £249 (£24.99 x 10 months) and then rises to £299 (or £29.99 a month x 10 months). Program will close Sunday Midnight and start officially on 6th February.

Want to find out how to book: https://romella.simplero.com/page/70512-want-to-create-family-calm-in-your-family

What will you gain from this program?

  • Tools to support your bedtime routine – get the children to bed without stress, tantrums and tears
  • Support your stressed out – anxious – angry child to build their confidence, happiness and self-esteem
  • Simple mindfulness and meditation exercises to get you going on your journey to calm
  • Fun things to do as a family that will help calm and nurture each member, child and adult alike
  • Understand how you create your reality and how you can positively use this in your life
  • Time for you – even if its minutes a day, they all add up and create your space for calm
  • Each week you’ll access a new module of information – from essential oils to meditation to visualisation to The Balance Procedure and more. I’ve also included space in the schedule to implement or recap on the topics and information (there’s no such thing as being behind, it will all happen at the right time for you)
  • Feel more like that parent you wanted to be from the start


Tools you’ll receive to use:

  • SleepTalk (worth £299 as a one-2-one)
  • Online group and support (worth £45 a week)
  • Essential oils (bottle of DoTERRA Balance and Wild Orange – worth over £29)
  • TBP book & cards (set of cards and book plus training worth £55)
  • Printed copy of  “Balance and Calm Toolkit for the Frazzled Mum” worth £8.00
  • Access to an 8 week online program of modules and information PLUS a secret facebook group for support and contact from me personally


Why have I created this program for you?

  • As an Award-winning therapist, author and mother to two children – I’ve been using these tools – they work! I’ve researched, studied and qualified in therapiesthat support the creation of family calm. Plus I have guinea pigs (me & my family!)
  • It brings together a comprehensive wholistic package of tools that will support you and your family to create that family calm
  • Supporting you as a parent, to create your balance and calm, that can ripple effect into your family
  • Fun and practical tools for you and your family to use
  • A supportive secret facebook group, with weekly facebook lives, plus support from me. You are able to ask questions in the forum or by private message
  • Because a one-off solution doesn’t always work – other factors affect family calm. Having other tools in place will support you and your family
30 Oct

8 Tips for Balance and Calm

8 Tips for Balance and Calm

Here are a few quick tips from my book!

  1. Think of a positive affirmation for the day – “I am good enough” or “I am joyful” or “I am lovable”. Repeat three times throughout the day.
  2. Spend a minute breathing in a rainbow of colours – the full spectrum – close your eyes, relax and feel your body fill and glow with a rainbow of colours. Was there a colour that stood out?
  3. Create a calming roller ball – perfect for your handbag to calm and relax your or for headaches. Buy a glass 10ml roller ball bottle from Ebay or similar, add in 4 drops of CPTG lavender oil and top up with fractionated coconut oil or a flavourless oil such as sunflower oil. Then use on pulse points.
  4. Sleep issues? Try the Dr Bach Night Time Rescue Remedy. Simply spray under tongue before bed – check the usage guide for more info.
  5. Lie down and imagine you are butter melting onto a piece of hot toast as you relax your body completely.
  6. Spend a minute listening to your heart – close your eyes, relax and feel your heart space glow with pink; allow this colour to swamp your whole body – feel the love and calm.
  7. Next time you shampoo your hair, take an extra minute and give yourself an Indian Head Massage. Rub all over your head, then with conditioner stroke from forehead to neck. As you dry, you can do the gentle hair pull. Great to calm and stimulate growth.
  8. Tension building? Put your hands at the back of your head, rub your thumbs across the bony base and then “shampoo” your head all over with your fingers. Mini Indian Head Massage – so relaxing.

For another 152 tips and a full chapter explaining the benefits of mindfulness, meditation, flower essences, crystals, and affirmations, why not check out my book – http://amzn.to/2cyl3nI


Romella Jones – Chief Calm Creator @ Create Family Calm

Romella is an award winning holistic therapist and energy practitioner based in Shropshire but available to support parents globally.

Since 2012 Romella has focused as a more family oriented therapist, the catalyst was her son starting school. Since then  “Create Family Calm” has been developed, offering a wide range of therapies to parents and their children. Solutions to bedwetting, sibling rivalry, separation anxiety, anger management, tantrums, toilet issues, food control issues, nightmares, lack of self esteem and more.

Therapies included SleepTalk (A self-esteem program for children as they sleep), Relax Kids coach,  Infant/Baby Massage Instructor, The Balance Procedure practitioner and Teacher, Story Massage, Aromatherapy all alongside Reiki & energy/crystal healing, aromatherapy and other tools from Cariad Therapies.

Many families have been supported through  her  offering in person and through skype.

For more information please contact Romella on www.createfamilycalm.com