05 Jul

The Magic Parenting Button

Is there such a thing as a magic parenting button? Sometimes I wish there was, but the reality is that a combination of things can support you to be the parent you want to  be or to create the family calm you desire.

I find a combination of the following can really help me:

– For me the essential oil blend balance is number one (grounding and supportive and helps me emotionally when I’m beginning to climb up the negative emotions – helps bring me down and keeps me stable! Works on kids too. If you’d like a sample then please do just let me know and I’ll pop it in the post!

– Time out for me. Being a parent is hard work with little time off for good behaviour! Unless you have really good sleepers and are prepared to forgo some sleep yourself! So finding spots of time to do supportive relaxing tools (such as mini meditations, mindfulness or energy work). My book “Balance and Calm Toolkit for Frazzled Mums” has 160 tips & tools – all designed to take a couple of minutes.

– If communication is an issue or coping with change? If you would like some new tools to improve communication with your children? To gain some new tools to cope with change and build confidence for your child? Plus learn some tools to create family calm. Then the Positive Parenting Programme on Sat  15th July is for you! – check it out here for more information – http://romella.co.uk/courses/positive-parenting-programme/

If you’d like to create your own magic button then contact me and we can see which tools match your needs to create family calm. x

If you have any tips then I’d love to hear them!

yours calmly,

Romella x